Vice President
Mail Address: 
vice-president [at] esnbochum.de
Field of Study: 
Media Studies
German, English, a bit of French, Spanish and Japanese
Experience Abroad: 

08/2016-01/2017: Cork, Ireland
01/2017-04/2017: Brighton, England

ESN Experience: 

since 05/2017: Active Member
since 08/2017: Project Manager

Favourite Place: 

Mensa - my personal place to be. With a view of the Lottetal eating some good pasta with friends makes me happy. Furthermore, I like walking around the town and see what Bochum is offering. So many places that I truly didn't think of. :)


Maybe the clumsiest person ever - there's never a lunch without new stains on my t-shirts. Besides, I'm terribly good at destroying cell phones.